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Our Story

In 1989 My husband, Ron, and I were thinking of a business that we could work together. We had been pondering a couple of business types.  Ron was thinking of a tool rental business or a sandwich shop.  Food won over. If you knew Ron, you’d understand!

We joined a sub sandwich franchise called “SeaWest Sub Shop”.  It was a small franchise and it looked very good to us. We, of course, needed to really look into it and had our kids try their sandwiches out and compared them to other sub sandwich places.  They felt the same about them that we did.  They were the best by far. We especially liked how the meats and cheeses were freshly sliced as you ordered. Just like an old-fashioned sandwich shop. 

Our first Sub Shop was built on South 1st Street right across from Valley Ford.  We were there for 6 years. We decided to go on our own in 1996. Instead of being SeaWest Sub Shop, we changed our name to Sub Shop of Yakima.

Then we developed our second Sub Shop at 24th and Nob Hill in the Safeway complex.  Our 3rd was in the Fred Meyer on 40th Ave where Starbucks once was. But we were there first! We then branched out into Selah across from the baseball fields for our 4th location. We added a 5th in Gateway Center when Target was built. Like having 6 kids, I guess we decided to have 6 Sub Shops. 10 years ago we bought our present building at 20 N. 2nd Street.

Through the years, with the kids growing and leaving for college and losing Ron in 2011, we eventually pared down to our current location on N. 2nd Street and I’m very happy with that choice. 

All six of the kids have worked in the shops at one time or another and although they don’t work in them now, they are still closely involved with the business as a family.

We love our downtown shop.  We have a wonderful crew!  Many of our customers have become great friends.

Thank you for coming in and ring our bell when you receive our exceptional service! 

Kathi Bonlender, Owner, Sub Shop of Yakima